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Wellness Kuřim

For everybody who likes sports and aquatic attractions and for everybody who wants to relax and care for the health and beauty. Simply, for everybody who wants to spend free time in pleasant environment there is the new sport and relaxation Wellness Kuřim centre. It is a place where you will not be bored.

New opened centre offers Water Park with several pools and a toboggan, fitness centre, relaxing and restorative treatments, children's playground and a restaurant. There are four lanes for swimming lovers and condition swimmers in a 25 m swimming pool. The school swimming pool with a sliding unique bottom is here for your children. You can enjoy the experience on a toboggan or in a swimming pool of relax.

Indulge your body in the centre of relax. You can choose a non-traditional honey beer bath, peat, salt or herbal bathes, treatments in the top multifunctional bath box that allows multi hydro-massage bath, underwater massage and vibration, steam sauna, infrared sauna, aromatherapy and a huge range of spa activities. There is a dry jet massage or a multifunctional exercise chair for you.

A restaurant with a lounge than changes in summer into an open-air bar to the terrace and outdoor swimming pool is here for Wellness Kuřim centre visitors.

Fitness centre offers more than forty activities including relatively extensive Cardio Zone and several aerobic halls, including the K2- hiking or X-cycling.

Wellness Kuřim offers also many programs - for subscribers, families, schools, seniors, disabled...



Wellness Kuřim
Blanenská 1082
664 34 Kuřim
Tel.: + 420 541 420 240 (cashdesk, Czech only)
Tel.: + 420 734 346 450 (Jan Sojka, Manager – English, German, Russian)


Tourist attractions in a destination

  • 75 m long toboggan with many attractions and timekeeping
  • 3 indoor and 1 outdoor swimming pools with warm water
  • Steam room, whirlpool, bubble beds, toboggan and a wild river in the price of admission
  • Attractive honey beer bath for 1 – 2 people

Additional services

  • Massage
  • Finnish and tropical sauna
  • Peat, herbal and salt baths
  • Collective exercise (Power Yoga, Zumba, Bodystyling, tai-ji, indoor walking, indoor cycling)
  • Fast Food
  • The restaurant with lounge and summer terrace
  • Outdoor swimming pool with a new family slide
  • Programs for schools and families with children

Special services

  • School Trips
  • Lessons for children and adults
  • Aqua Zorbing free (every Friday afternoon)
  • Musical evenings at the restaurant last Thursday of every month
  • Bargain prices for seniors every Monday and Thursday from 12-14 hours
  • Bargain prices in Water Park after 7:45 p. m. daily
  • A special offer for moms/dads with preschoolers - weekdays from 12 a. m. to 4 p. m.
  • Gift packages containing relaxing treatments, massages and romantic dinners from 960 CZK for 2 people

Opening hours

Monday - Friday from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m.
Saturday - Sunday from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m.


Entrance fee (90 minutes) 155 CZK
Students until 26 and seniors 120 CZK
Children from 4 to 15 100 CZK
Family entrance fee (2 adults and maximum 3 children) 410 CZK

Other time zones: 180 minutes or a day ticket.

Trip without barriers

The building is fully available to wheelchair users, including the water park, the restaurant and the fitness centre.