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Pastime and Experience

Would you like to experience something unusual and forget the everyday worries? There is nothing easier than going to the TOP trip places that are characterized by fun and unusual experiences in the first place. Choice is yours...


Aqualand Moravia

The most modern entertainment centre Aqualand Moravia can be found at the northern edge of the Nové Mlýny water reservoir, close to the village of Pasohlávky. Inspiration by Rome Aqualand Moravia was built in the location of former Roman spas,... more


Brno Underground

Labyrinth under Vegetable Market In the Labyrinth under Vegetable Market you can enjoy the unique and mysterious atmosphere of the maze of medieval corridors and cellars. Local cellars were established under individual houses in the middle- as well as... more

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Herbal Paradise SONNENTOR

Herbs and spices with their beautiful scents smelled immediately after your arrival and an excursion in the tea packaging plant – these are the experiences to which the visitors of the SONNENTOR Herb Eden like to return. The complex of our company,... more


Observatory and Planetarium in Brno

Observatory and Planetarium Brno is situated near the city centre in a picturesque park Kraví hora. It represents modern \"temple of science\", there is space for the presentation of interesting results of all natural sciences but also for... more



Permonium® - an amusement park with a story occupies the area of nearly 6.000 m², being full of unusual sceneries, scenes and requisites and hiding million years old secrets. An interesting attraction, modern technological equipment, high-quality... more

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Underground in Znojmo

Historical Underground in Znojmo was developed in the 14th century and ranks among the largest labyrinths in Central Europe. Ventilation shafts, smoke-flues and wells of the intricate underground system of tunnels are still admired by its visitors. The... more

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VIDA! science centre

Launch a hydrogen rocket, star in the TV weather report, freeze your own shadow, experience an earthquake, set free a tornado, and get to the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle – that is what you can experience in the science amusement VIDA park!... more


Wellness Kuřim

For everybody who likes sports and aquatic attractions and for everybody who wants to relax and care for the health and beauty. Simply, for everybody who wants to spend free time in pleasant environment there is the new sport and relaxation Wellness... more

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ZOO Brno

The Zoological garden Brno festive opening ceremony was held in Mniší Hora, Brno – Bystrc on 30 August 1953. The founder of the garden is the corporate town Brno. The Brno ZOO is the establishing member of the Union of Czech and Slovak Zoological... more

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ZOO Hodonín

People once visiting the Hodonín Zoo like to come back again and again. And there is no wonder. The plain field with lots of green vegetation at the edge of the flooded forest called Dúbrava is easily passable for everyone and in the course of... more

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ZOO PARK and DinoPark in Vyškov

ZOO PARK Vyškov originated in 1965. It is directed to breeding of primitive and exotic species of domestic and farm animals. At present we breed about 461 animals of 140 species or breeds. We would like to show children and adult visitors that... more