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Slavic Fortified Settlement in Mikulčice

Slavic Fortified Settlement in Mikulčice is an Early-medieval Great Moravian Memorial that was built in the 8th and 9th century. It consists of large acropolis, outer ward and underground. It is a monument of great cultural and historical importance of Great Moravia with large valuable archaeological discoveries. There are foundation negatives of eight churches and the Princely Castle presented in the terrain. The archaeological research took place from 1954 to 1992.

The Visitor Centre of this national cultural monument offers the following g exposition „GREAT MORAVIAN MIKULČICE – PRINCELY CASTLE IN FLOOD PLAIN OF THE RIVER MORAVA“. It was created in 1997 and serves as a memorial to Great Moravia in broad context.

The second pavilion exposition „GREAT MORAVIAN MIKULČICE – SECOND CHURCH AND RELIGIOUS ARCHITECTURE OF PRINCELY CASTLE“ was opened in 2008 and presents audiovisual projection of Mikulčice history and importance as well as foundation negatives of the second church, grave holes and authentic copies of jewellery, weapons, riding equipment and spurs. The exposition was awarded by Gloria Musealis in the category „Museum Exhibition of 2008“. From 2015  is working the new Visitor Centre with observation tower. Charming forest park and natural beauties of Mikulčice flood plain with meadow forests are both part of the rugged terrain. The composed archaeology park tries to achieve to be recorded on the List of world cultural heritage UNESCO.


Slavic Fortified Settlement
Branch of Masaryk Museum in Hodonín
696 19 Mikulčice – Valy
Phone number: +420 518 357 293, +420 604 384 410
Information can be provided in German



Tourist attractions

  • Valuable archaeological discoveries from the period of Old and Great Moravia (7th to 10th century)
  • Plenty of visitor routes including natural trail
  • Relief of the Great Moravian acropolis marked in the terrain
  • Beauty of Moravian meadow forests and meadows of Morava river flood-plain
  • Natural reserve Skařiny
  • Great place to relax
  • New Visitor Centre with observation tower

Other services

  • Refreshment
  • Accompanying cultural events for parents with children
  • Special programs and events for schools
  • Souvenirs, postcards and specialized literature
  • Sport facilities (in-line skating)
  • Parking site next to the memorial

Special offers and events

  • Museum’s night
  • Saint Cyril & Saint Metodej’s Fair (Greek Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Church)
  • Middle Europe Bulgarians‘ feast
  • Great Moravian Days (program for children organised by the group Experimental Archaeology and Alive History)
  • Course of lectures offered by the Memorial Friends Club SHM/NKP
  • Youth Literature Competition Results announcement
  • Exhibitions of photographs and paintings in small Gallery at the reception of Visitor Center
  • Use of Lecture Hall
  • Weddings
  • Sport events (Great Morava Race, In-line Skating Day)


  • Guided tours of 1st and 2nd pavilion
  • Exteriors individually
  • Tours offered also in German
  • Guide-book (English, German)
  • Audiovisual program (English, German, Bulgarian)
  • Leaflets (English, German)

Trips in the neighbourhood

  • Wine cellars and wine routes for cyclist
  • Saint Cyril & Saint Metoděj’s statuary (Gift from Bulgarians to Mikulčice)
  • Masaryk Musem in Hodonín
  • Art Gallery in Hodonín
  • The Baťa-Canal in Hodonín, a boat trip
  • Archeological Memorial Pohansko
  • Architectonical pearl of South Moravia - Lednice
  • Chateau of Milotice
  • Popular Architecture Open-air Museum Strážnice
  • ZOO Hodonín
  • Museum of oil mining in Hodonín

Barrier free access

Barrier free access available