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Moravian Karst

Moravian Karst is the most famous and best developed Karst area in the Czech Republic. It is located to the North from city of Brno and is created from Devon limestone and its area is 100 km2. There are more than 1100 caves, five of them are open to public. Punkevní jeskyně (Punkva caves) are the most visited of them. The dry part leads to the bottom of the famous Macocha Abyss and from there the visitors sail back by motor boats on the underground river Punkva.

Kateřinská jeskyne (Catherine´s cave) is formed by an old part where is the Main Dome - It is the biggest cave area and the biggest underground hall opúen to the public in the Czech Republic, and a new part with a unique stalagmite formation Bambusový lesík (Bamboo Wood) and formation Čarodějnice (Witch).

The Cave Balcarka is very attractive for most of the tourists because of her full-colour stalactitic decoration at relatively small area. It is considered to be the most interesting place in the whole area of the Moravian Karst thanks to its extraordinary speleothem, typically developed superficial karst characteristics (such as sink holes and limestone pavements), archaeological and paleontological discoveries and beauty of country. The tour was prolonged straight after the finished reconstruction and leads through so called „Museum“ where is an exposition of reindeer hunters.

Sloupsko-šošůvské jeskyně (Sloup – šosůvka caves) are the largest caves open to public in the Czech Republic. Besides corridors, Domes with speleothem decoration the visitors can visit deep gorges. Two tours also include world known archaelogical site Kůlna.

Výpustek cave has interesting history. It has been well known for its labyrinth of corridors and gorges that belong to the largest in the Moravia region. Later the cave was closed to public and was turned into an underground factory and military headquarters. The tour of the cave also includes an untraditional tour of an underground atomic defence shelter that used to be kept secret.


Reservations and information about all caves in the Moravian Karst
Ústřední informační služba Skalní mlýn (Information Centre)
Skalní mlýn 96, 678 25 Blansko
Phone number.: +420 516 413 575, +420 516 410 024

All information about the caves, opening hours, entrance fees, notifications about changes, closing of the caves and possibility of cruises as well as special offers of programs can be found on the following websites nebo

Zajímavosti v cíli

  • Macocha Abbys – 138,5 m deep
  • Punkva Caves (Punkevní jeskyně) with cruise (available all year round)
  • Sloupsko – sosuvske caves (Sloupsko-šošůvské jeskyně) the biggest caves open to public with an arvhaeological site – cave Kůlna
  • Balcarka cave – the cave with colourful steleophalamic decoration, with unique LED illumination and „Museum“ open to public.
  • Kateřinskou jeskyni (Catherine´s cave) in which there is the biggest Dome open to public as well as Bambusový lesík (Bamboo Wood)
  • Výpustek cave with an atomic defence shelter.


  • Shops with souvenirs (available near to all caves)
  • Fast refreshment (available near to all caves)
  • Drinks machines
  • Music performance during tours (Catherine Cave, Sloupsko – sosuvske caves, Balcarka cave)
  • Expositions of archaeological and paleontological discoveries (Sloupsko – sosuvske caves, Balcarka cave and Výpustek Cave)

Special Offers and events

  • A Cycle of concerts “Magic tones of Macocha” (Punkva Caves)
  • From Blansko to Skalní mlýn can you go by Krasobus

Tips for trips in the surrounding area

  • Observatory Veselice
  • Windmill with exposition about speleology in Rudnice
  • Chateau Rájec – Jestřebí
  • Chateau Boskovice
  • Castle Boskovice
  • Chateau and Museum of decorative cast iron in Blansko
  • Baroque Church Křtinyny

Free barrier access

Free - barrier accessible are the following caves: Výpustek Cave and Sloupsko – sosuvke caves.